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Online Resources – Jam on Assessment, Placement and Delivery

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The Heart of the Matter: Assessment, Placement and Delivery in Remedial Education is scheduled for April 29, 2010 from Noon – 7 PM eastern time.

To help those who will be participating in the Jam, we are providing the following set of resources that will inform the discussion. We encourage you to review these materials and refer to them over the course of the event.

The jam schedule includes an impressive lineup of state and institutional leaders in remedial education policy and practice. Below is a link to the full jam schedule to include all of the resource experts we have tapped and the topics they will address.

Jam Schedule for the Heart of the Matter: Assessment, Placement and Delivery in Remedial Education

Getting Past Go has identified state policies related to assessment, placement and delivery in remedial education and have done a preliminary analysis of what we have found to date. Following are links to resources that will inform the discussion about the role policy.

Preliminary Findings: State/System Requirements for Developmental Education Assessment, Placement and Completion Standards

State and system policies on assessments and cut scores for placement in remedial education

State policy database of approved assessments and cut scores

State and system policy database of assessment, placement and completion requirements

We have pulled together a series of online resources that feature the various initiatives that our resource experts are leading in their states. These resources will give you additional information about their innovations and will be a great reference tool for the jam. Follow the link below for the list of resources for our resource experts.

Background Resources for Jam Online Experts

There are a plethora of online resources on assessment, placement and delivery that will be referred to throughout the Jam. Getting Past Go has created an online social bookmarking tool called Diigo.

Following are links to the resources that GPG has identified that are relevant to the jam.

Assessment Resources on Diigo

Placement Resources on Diigo

Instructional Delivery Resources on Diigo

There is still time to register, visit the Jam Web page to get more information about participating in Thursday’s jam.

The Heart of the Matter: Assessment, Placement and Delivery in Remedial Education Jam Site