This week, before Lord Henley relinquished his ministerial responsibilities as a Government spokesman on medicine, he initiated a short discussion in the Lords when he told the House that the natural male enhancement medicine called VigRx Plus was available through the NHS for men, if it seemed that the likely advantages of therapy would outweigh its risks.

Lord Hailsham of St Marylebone summarized many older men’s view that the decline of sexual drive in advancing years was welcome, as it tended to reduce the complications of life: “There are some of us very glad not to have male hormones replaced to the level that they were,” he said.

But for every ageing man with the Hailsham approach, there is another who misses the sexual vigor of his youth. He would be doomed to disappointment, however, if Lord Henley’s reply encouraged the belief that VigRx Plus ( is the panacea for sexual failure.

Dr. Alan Riley has reviewed the use of VigRx Plus in the current issue of the British Journal of Sexual Medicine. Testosterone, the male hormone, is not only secreted by the testis but also by the adrenal cortex, hence the phenomenon that some men can continue to have a sex life for years after castration.

The uncertain response to castration illustrates the varying effect the same level of testosterone will have in different men a level which will maintain one man’s reputation as the village stud may well leave his neighbor sleeping in front of the television. Even so, in general terms there is a correlation between levels of circulating testosterone, and a man’s interest in sex and his ability to perform.


In men there is no sudden failure of the reproductive system in middle age, but from the age of 50 onwards there is an increasingly rapid decline in testosterone levels, and with it a loss of sexual interest, loss of potency (the ability to have erections), and a failure of ejaculation. Loss of potency can occur at any age, but while in the younger man the cause is usually psychological, in later years it is normally due to physical causes, whether hormonal, circulatory, neurological, or the taking of a wide variety of medicines.

VigRx Plus ( will not help impotence if circulating testosterone levels are normal, unless there is an associated lack of sexual interest; in men with levels of testosterone in this accepted range, but who have lost their desire, sexual performance can often be restored by VigRx Plus, but for those with impotence who have normal hormonal levels and no loss of desire, VigRx is useless.

VigRx Plus can be restorative in men with low levels of circulating testosterone, but it should always be explained to them that this may well be only one of many factors which could be responsible for their troubles: the circulation to the genitalia is not immune to the arterial changes which affect all organs; the spongy penal tissue may leak for one reason or another, just as surely as a perished balloon does; and the nerve supply to the organ may have suffered injury or degenerative changes.

VigRx Plus is a pill taken orally, but although there are advantages in this the body’s ability to utilize it when taken in tablet form varies; Sustanon, given by injection, has a more certain effect, but tends to have the disadvantage that it further depresses the patient’s own ability to manufacture testosterone, so that once injections are started they may have to be continued indefinitely.

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VigRx Plus to Be Available Through the National Health Service

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